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List of Books by Harry A. Franck

NOW AVAILABLE!!  “Winter Journey Through the Ninth” In 1945, Harry A. Franck was an AAF Field Officer, awaiting his opportunity to serve his country.What better way than to have this prodigous author document the war as it was happening—interviewing scores of pilots as they emerged from bombing missions, joining ground troops in the field, and sharing the stories of the men of the Ninth Air Force with his readers and the world. For more information, check out Winter Journey Through the Ninth!

Books published during Harry A. Franck’s lifetime:

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A Vagabond Journey Around the World (1910, The Century Company)

Four Months Afoot in Spain (1911, Century Company)

Zone Policeman 88 (1913, The Century Company)

Tramping Through Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras (1916, The Century Company)

Vagabonding Down the Andes (1917, The Century Company)

Vagabonding Through Changing Germany (1920, Harper)

Roaming Through the West Indies (1920, The Century Company)

Working North from Patagonia (1921, The Century Company)

Wandering in Northern China (1923, The Century Company)

Glimpses of Japan and Formosa (1924, The Century Company)

Roving Through Southern China (1925, The Century Company)

All About Going Abroad (1927, Brentano's Inc.)

East of Siam (1926, The Century Company)

The Fringe of the Moslem World (1928, The Century Company)

I Discover Greece (1929, The Century Company)

A Scandinavian Summer (1930, The Century Company)

Foot-Loose in the British Isles (1932, The Century Company)

Trailing Cortez Through Mexico (1935,Frederick A. Stokes Publishing)

A Vagabond in Sovietland (1935, Frederick A. Stokes Publishing)

Roaming in Hawaii(1937, Frederick A. Stokes Publishing)

Sky Roaming Above Two Continents (1938, Frederick A. Stokes Publishing)

The Lure of Alaska (1939, Frederick A. Stokes Publishing, later printings by JB Lippincott Co.)

Rediscovering South America (1943, JB Lippincott Co.)

For Children:

Marco Polo, Junior (1929, The Century Company)

Geographic Readers for Schools from the F.A. Owen Company

Mexico and Central America (1927)

The Japanese Empire (1927)

China (1927)

South America (1928)

by Rachel Latta Franck (wife)

I Married a Vagabond (1939, D. Appleton-The Century Company)

by Lena M. Franck (sister)

Working My Way Around the World (1920, D. Appleton-The Century Company)