A Vagabond Journey Around the World:
A Narrative of Personal Experience


"A Vagabond Journey Around the World" was published by the Century Company in 1910. Here is some description from the cover copy:

"Harry A. Franck's famous travels have earned for him the title of "the Prince of Vagabonds." Not for him travel in well-to-do, respectable old age, when eyes are too dim to catch the beauty of distant landscapes. So in his first year out of college, he set out with a camera as his weapon and baggage and $104.00 between him and starvation, an amount he quickly spent on photography.


"As his chief objective was investigation of the masses, he worked and mingled always with common people. His itinerary mapped itself out as his earnings permitted; his wanderings carried him into strange corners of the world, far from tourist's tracks. And before he reached his home again, he had proved conclusively that a man can girdle the globe without money, weapons, or baggage. In the hope that his observations and experiences may interest fireside travelers, he offers this fascinating account of his adventurous travels in Vagabondia."

The Century Company created a special souvenir edition which was given as gifts to attendees at the Tenth Annual Dinner of the American Booksellers' Association (just two months after the book's release). Entitled "Three Hoboes in India", this book includes the full text and pictures of three chapters from "A Vagabond Journey Around the World. "
"Vagabond Journey" was reprinted in the "dollar edition" by Star Books (a division of Garden City Publishing). The "dollar edition" was a smaller format (shown below) with fewer pictures, although the jacket copy claims that it was "printed from the original plates." Most notably missing is the fine portrait of HAF himself that was the frontispiece of the original book.
There were eventually two German translations. "Als Vagabund um die Erde" was published by Ruetten & Loening, Frankfurt, Germany, in 1913. The same publisher changed the name to "Ohne Geld um die Welt" and reprinted the book (with fewer pictures) in 1924.

In 1920, "A Vagabond Journey" was condensed by Harry's sister, Lena M. Franck, who published it under the title "Working My Way Around the World." The cover copy explains:

"This is an abridgement of one of the most famous travel books of the last quarter century--Harry A. Franck's "A Vagabond Journey Around the World." The compiler has lifted from the original the most significant passages, retaining the style of the author, rewriting only enough of the other material to maintain the continuity of the narrative."